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Local Natural Resources

Ashtabula County is rich with natural resources, mostly stemming from one of the largest sources of fresh water in the world, Lake Erie.  With resources like Lake Erie, the Ashtabula River, the Grand River, Conneaut Creek, North Kingsville Sand Barrens, Lake Pymatuning, and the Greenway Trails there is always some type of outdoor activity to do.  During warm months there is hiking, kayaking, sailing, fishing, swimming, camping, and beach-going, as well as many other activities; in the winter there is sledding, skating, cross country skiing, and hiking.  

There are many parks around Ashtabula County, information on many of them can be found at the links below.  There is also helpful information for some of the parks on the Ashtabula Metroparks Facebook page.


In addition to the county's parks there are also many businesses that have been built off of local recreation. To see some of these businesses use the link below to go to the Recreation page of the Businesses & Organizations.

Pictured: Lakeshore Park
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