Local Volunteer Opportunities

Ashtabula County has many wonderful natural resources, great businesses, and fun events, but what really makes the county AshtaBeautiful are the people. If you're able, please consider volunteering; it is a great way to get active, meet new people, and help make the county better.  There are organizations throughout Ashtabula County, and Northeast Ohio, that cover every type of interest. From working with kids in or after school to helping the homeless to commemorating historical events; there is something for everyone.  The Service Organization page lists several groups frequently in need of volunteers.  We also have included a list below with organizations and contact information for those interested in volunteering.

We highly encourage people of all ages to contact the listed organizations directly and see how you can get into the community and volunteer.  If you have a volunteer opportunity you would like to have listed on this page, send us an email with details!